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Florida Keys based but I love to travel

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Get to Know Us.
I say us because these pictures are more than just me. They're you, too!

Hi and thanks for making your way here! I hope you love what you see. I'm thrilled to be considered to capture your next love story, special event or family session on one of our beautiful beaches. I'm Lauren Paige, FL Keys most chill photographer. The photographer who is literally for everyone. I've had a lot of time to decide who my services are for, and I've decided on everyone. But seriously, no one is left out here. I love everyone. It's how I was raised, and how I will remain. You can learn more about me by clicking the "About" or "Portfolio" tab at the top. Or keep reading here...

My artwork allows me to spread joy and positivity into the world! Photography allows me to give back in a very special way. It also aligns with my soul and is a very unique, personal experience each time. I love connecting with others through love, laughter, adventure, major life events, special memories, smiles, and timeless photographs.


I started taking pictures way back in high school journalism classes (2012 AHS), but I really fell in love with it when I created a family of my own (2015). I fell in love with simplicity, nature, natural and organic, and how I could make others simply feel beautiful through my photography. The FEELING has always been the best part for me. Forget what it looks like, was it fun? Was it enjoyable? Was it everything I wanted it to be? That's how the sessions go for me and my clients because that is what yields the best results!


Sessions never feel like work for me. It's just a fun and light-hearted experience with new or old family/friends!

Let's connect! Feel free to send me a message with any questions that you may have.

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